1. And with strange aeons even death may die.

    I’ve long been a Lovecraft fan, probably as long as I could read. I am sure…

    Saturday 26 Jul
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  2. Marcel was right all along

    They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom For trying to change the system from within…

    Wednesday 06 Nov
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  3. Some girls wander by mistake

    It was a cold morning, the train was late. Neither of these two things are uncommon….

    Saturday 11 Feb
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  4. And the stars might fall on Alabama, but one of these days I'm gonna swing my hammer down

    Aren’t boundaries there for the pushing? I say again, What Do They Know is a great…

    Thursday 03 Jul
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  5. τι γαρ ωφελειται ανθρωπος εαν τον κοσμον ολον κερδηση την δε ψυχην αυτου ζημιωθη η τι δωσει ανθρωπος ανταλλαγμα της ψυχης αυτου

    It seems there is a cure for arachibutyrophobia. At last. Keep the arm rested on that…

    Tuesday 27 Nov
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  6. The thing is, I did see purple light crashing out of you

    These are the rules Does my voice fill the office? I would say it is more…

    Tuesday 23 Oct

  7. Of blue hair and bathmats, of wrapped and lost, of chances and misses

    Say my life’s a funny thing. Most times, people round this way can’t understand a word…

    Friday 10 Aug
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  8. I build this garden for us

    Standing in the rain, with his head hung low Couldn’t get a ticket, it was a…

    Thursday 09 Aug
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  9. J'ai assez tromper le monde et tourne et tourne et tourne pour que tu me reponde

    Continuing my Scandinavian trip-hop/ jazz last.fm listening, I came across Entactogen. Chilled electronica, is probably what…

    Tuesday 07 Aug
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  10. The more I read, the more I despise, pity and find funny left/(non)liberal[0] types

    What would I say to future me, eh? I guess I will have to wait a…

    Wednesday 25 Jul

  11. You drink your coffee, and I sip my tea, and we're sitting here, playing so cool, thinking 'What will be will be'

    Mostly my life is surreal. The situations I find myself in can only lead to me…

    Monday 14 May
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  12. Though the sky be dark, and the voyage be long, Yet we never can think we were rash or wrong

    What worries you more? The lies you have told? Or the truths? The fact that you…

    Tuesday 08 May

  13. Miss. Triss. Direct. Input.

    Someone mentioned to me that they didn’t really understand this here weblog. He wasn’t the first…

    Sunday 06 May
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  14. ραδιον μεν εοτ λεγειν, χαλεπον δε πειθειν

    Note to Cambridge drivers: A red light means stop. As in you don’t go through it….

    Tuesday 01 May
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  15. You don't have fifteen years experience, you have one years, fifteen times.[1]

    I was going to whinge about Statists and collectivists again, but decided not to. In this…

    Thursday 05 Apr

  16. You gotta grow the beard, find the doubt, and maybe you'll work something out

    The changing of the clocks heralds the retreat of the grey miasma. We had a fine…

    Sunday 01 Apr

  17. Model replacement model to dust

    The italicised portions of this post will probably be brought to you with half an eye…

    Sunday 25 Mar
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  18. One. Fell. Swoop.

    Six car pile up on the M11. Tubes knackered, stations closed, trains late. Welcome to that…

    Monday 05 Feb

  19. You sit around getting older, there's a joke here somewhere and it's on me

    I woke up this morning to news of disasterous Governmental policy, and wondered if I was…

    Sunday 14 Jan
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  20. I hate the way you don't want to move. What's the matter baby, money rules the groove.

    A disgrace. That is what it is. Since Christmas Eve, when it was first turned on,…

    Saturday 13 Jan
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  21. Nothing ever changes without any pain

    So there we have it. Over two years working in Cambridge, and it is decided I…

    Friday 29 Dec
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  22. Entends les notes d'une chanson lointaine

    When did I get this disorganised? And disenchanted? In all my years, both of courting, engagement…

    Saturday 23 Dec

  23. What a strange thing to say as you pass me on your way out, and all the things I had in mind for you and me...

    1. On being laughed at by strangers on a train Look, my mother and I get…

    Wednesday 20 Dec
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  24. He's fast! He's couragous! He's ninja dinosaur!

    I wasn’t going to put pictures of my children on this weblog, considering all my flickr-ed…

    Saturday 09 Dec
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  25. We keep our hands above the water, we know that, someday, we will fly away

    Therefore it could be said that it has been decided. But it can’t be acted upon….

    Tuesday 05 Dec
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  26. Talking 'bout Monroe and walking on snow white

    The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates. – Tacitus Just for throwaway, for…

    Sunday 03 Dec
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  27. I said....it depends what you mean by dead

    I have always been here before. In 1992, I believe. I would rant on music, but,…

    Thursday 16 Nov

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