1. Funny thing about money for sex is you might get rich, or die by it

    Too many people crowded into the UK, you say? Well, let us consider that for a…

    Wednesday 29 Aug
    3 comments so far

  2. Deepfoot, deepfoot, deepfoot. The deepfoot gambit. Yes, he was known.

    For the past few years, I have been making a concerted effort to not have a…

    Tuesday 28 Aug
    1 comments so far

  3. Remembrace

    Love divine, all loves excelling, Joy of heaven to earth come down; Fix in us thy…

    Tuesday 28 Aug
    4 comments so far

  4. The angel fell to her knees

    Righty-ho, now I have a further response to my first response to my FoI request about…

    Tuesday 21 Aug
    0 comments so far

  5. Forty-nine is only seven time seven

    I do not know you. Do I need to? (If the person who wrote that reads…

    Sunday 19 Aug
    4 comments so far

  6. This machine kills socialists[0]

    What is it with the attraction to the forbidden? The token that says ‘hands off’, that…

    Saturday 18 Aug
    0 comments so far

  7. I sense the stirrings of actual political participation , not just ranting on some obscure outpost of the intertubes.

    First response from Cambridge City Council on my Freedom of Information request about the traffic lights…

    Friday 17 Aug
    3 comments so far

  8. The lyrics that were going to be in this post I have discovered were used as part of some televisual entertainment. So I changed the tune.

    A book review then. Unspeak, by some Gruaniad hack. The first book in a long time…

    Thursday 16 Aug

  9. How long before, how long until?

    Fund terrorism! Now, here is the thing. Google ads aren’t being served there yet. Is this…

    Wednesday 15 Aug
    0 comments so far

  10. Imagine what I haven't said

    This is not the time for stories, although there will be a few. This is not…

    Tuesday 14 Aug
    2 comments so far

  11. Start with a teeshirt campaign, maybe give some leaflets out, be overly earnest...

    Do you also live in a world where pneumatic blondes leap at you from the foliage?…

    Saturday 11 Aug
    1 comments so far

  12. Of blue hair and bathmats, of wrapped and lost, of chances and misses

    Say my life’s a funny thing. Most times, people round this way can’t understand a word…

    Friday 10 Aug
    1 comments so far

  13. I build this garden for us

    Standing in the rain, with his head hung low Couldn’t get a ticket, it was a…

    Thursday 09 Aug
    1 comments so far

  14. J'ai assez tromper le monde et tourne et tourne et tourne pour que tu me reponde

    Continuing my Scandinavian trip-hop/ jazz last.fm listening, I came across Entactogen. Chilled electronica, is probably what…

    Tuesday 07 Aug
    3 comments so far

  15. Aoelian shift

    Three conversations. Guess which ones I was involved in. (For sake of brevity, I paraphrase.) them:…

    Sunday 05 Aug
    1 comments so far

  16. I, I will be king. And you, you will be (the) queen (I remove)

    Ignoring what was probably sound advice from the uber-webmeister, and more from her who lives in…

    Sunday 05 Aug
    4 comments so far

  17. Take your baby by the ears, and play upon her darkest fears

    Cassandra[0] spotted an unidentified object in our shed this afternoon. Seems it might be the start…

    Saturday 04 Aug
    3 comments so far

  18. You never know we could be walking, and fighting, and asking for favours

    OK, so Cassandra did the If you hate it so much why do you live here…

    Thursday 02 Aug
    2 comments so far

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