1. Cassandra keeps her peace

    In which I am revealed as a grumpy old reactionary You should never engage an Irishman…

    Sunday 24 Aug
    4 comments so far

  2. Hey, now, hey hey, oh my, I'll bring the coke, you bring the thighs

    On a more serious (quiet at the back there!) note… Illegal harrassment of photographers makes me…

    Saturday 16 Aug
    1 comments so far

  3. Ten days in the city

    …continued from nine days in the city I couldn’t see for the costumes on racks in…

    Saturday 16 Aug
    0 comments so far

  4. Carpet burns reinvention

    I guess, now that it has been five! whole! days!, I should say something of LondonWorkTakeTwo….

    Friday 08 Aug
    1 comments so far

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