1. Tangential inflections

    The lanes were silent There was nothing, no one, nothing around for miles I doused our…

    Sunday 29 Dec
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  2. You truly have no idea how proficient I've become at just closing my eyes and pretending

    (Originally written for another site, I thought I would post it here, too. Unaltered, except for…

    Tuesday 30 Nov
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  3. Thy love, the sole contentment of my heart, living or dying from thee I will not hide what thoughts in my unquiet breast are risen, tending to some relief of our extremes, or end, though sharp and sad, yet tolerable, as in our evils, and of easier choice.

    It is funny how you see yourself, and given the nature of the books I have…

    Tuesday 06 May

  4. Standstill

    These blustery April days, almost at an end. From the baking sunshine (and the lowering of…

    Wednesday 30 Apr

  5. Whoever now weeps somewhere in the world, weeps without reason in the world, weeps over me.

    It might not be widely know, but I really don’t like cheap Champagne. Nor cheap perfume….

    Thursday 24 Apr

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