1. I am a parcel of vain strivings tied by a chance bond together

    It is, from a cultural point of view, supposed to be something significant. It isn’t. Just…

    Friday 15 Jun
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  2. Life contains situations more interesting, more novelistic than any novel.

    I am not going to use any names here, but I got, via somewhere I am…

    Friday 28 Aug
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  3. No big loss

    It was a good ten years. Hmmm, no, not really. It was just ten years. Back…

    Saturday 22 Aug
    4 comments so far

  4. A moment in Munich

    Another story, from both then, and now. The heat wasn’t as bad as I thought, the…

    Wednesday 19 Aug

  5. Find the new outpost

    There’s blood in my mouth ‘cause i’ve been biting my tongue all week. I keep on…

    Wednesday 22 Apr
    7 comments so far

  6. Good bye, proud world! I'm going home; Thou art not my friend, and I'm not thine

    m: Would you sleep with me for a million pounds? f: …sure m: Well, here is…

    Wednesday 25 Mar

  7. Cassandra keeps her peace

    In which I am revealed as a grumpy old reactionary You should never engage an Irishman…

    Sunday 24 Aug
    4 comments so far

  8. Not matching any target demographic

    Here is a tale, a tale of woe, gruntled people, tired feet and frayed nerves. Here…

    Thursday 31 Jul
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  9. What kind of bees give milk?

    You’re obsessed with finding a new brain, But what you need is a new body. It…

    Sunday 15 Jun
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  10. Where your eyes don't go

    Do you ever wonder about other peoples’ lives? Other peoples’ jobs? How they get to have…

    Tuesday 26 Feb
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  11. I thank you for the moon, for making it full.

    The weekend past, we took mental puppy dog to Wandlebury and round the Gogs. He loved…

    Monday 28 Jan

  12. GSV: Obviate the need

    Reinvention is a wonderful thing, I have done it multiple times throughout my life. Boyfriend, husband,…

    Wednesday 07 Nov
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  13. But you can wake up younger under the knife, and you can wake up sounder if you get analysed

    Shall we tell a little story? That has a subplot, community service information and better living…

    Tuesday 30 Oct
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  14. Where is the Mimble?

    Things of which it is no use in trying to get my opinion: 1. Modern cars…

    Thursday 19 Jul

  15. ...and the moon she makes me dream...

    Settle down, there, nothing to see here. And isn’t that the problem? We all reach the…

    Friday 15 Jun
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