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Posted Sun 24 Aug
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In which I am revealed as a grumpy old reactionary

You should never engage an Irishman in conversation about politics or relgion. Two of my favourite points of conversation, as it happens.

We had a lovely wander with Nelly down by the river at Cullybackey. She brought Bonnie and Paddy, we took mental puppy dog. (Bonnie and Tycho got on rather well, as both liked to chase/be chased/hoon around like loons.)

While the start of the wander was a bit overcast (and it bucketed down on the way there), it ended up pleasant. Pleasantly warm, in fact. Then! Drama! Nelly neglected to keep control of her car keys, and was without them. And all along that overgrown, muddy, rambling walk. Where could they be? Ack, we can ignore them, and she clambered (avec canines) into the back of Cassandra’s bus, and we took her home. (Being as devout as she is, St Antony was prayed upon, and later in the day the keys were found. Such miraculous happenstances would almost turn a buddy. Except for the flaws in theology that come from Rome…)

We got an invite back to the Moser homestead, and Tycho embarassed himself by chasing the pigs. And barking. And chasing. And barking. Quite the noise and quite the chase. Crikey, I never expected that. So no more real moving pork for that one.

It was nice to sit and chat, to HannahNellyBert. Cassandra, on the otherhand, would probably preferred it if I didn’t go on. And on. And on a bit more. She despairs, that one. And you would think by now (more on that later in the week) that she would now how to stop me when she starts despairing.

I just can’t help opening my mouth. A failing I have had all my life. People do wonder how I have got to this age with my knees intact (given where I am from), but hey, I can’t explain it. If you don’t want to know, don’t ask me. And certainly don’t tell me of nepostism and corruption in local government. Or national government. Or I will go on. At least I didn’t get rabid and gesticulate a lot. I think.

And no, I don’t have too much time on my hands. At all.

  1. C worries too much. We all thought you were pretty mellow (for you) and B entirely agrees with your point of view. He just wishes he could put it across as well.

    The walk was lovely, the company was good, the keys were found and the pigs are in therapy.

    Sun 24 Aug, 8:40PM

  2. Tony Tony look around something’s lost and must be found. Works a charm ever time.

    Sun 24 Aug, 10:04PM

  3. I like that irreverant prayer. I must tell my ma. She’ll hate it.

    Tue 26 Aug, 9:10AM

  4. mark goes on and on and on sometimes, i call it the fourth pint stage and resign myself. :)

    Sat 06 Sep, 8:16PM

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