1. You got to grow the beard, find the doubt, maybe you'll work something out

    It is strange, you shouldn’t compare yourself to your peers. But it is difficult. Or was….

    Wednesday 04 Jan
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  2. Always plaid

    I am not posh. I (probably) amn’t better than you. I am certainly not your equal,…

    Saturday 05 Jul
    7 comments so far

  3. Empires and revolutions, guessing God's name

    We were having a discussion in NewNewWork yesterday on popular televisual entertainment. And when I say…

    Wednesday 21 May
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  4. Never got any farther across the line than Meridian

    I would mention something about today’s FFS, but I won’t. It is too easy a target….

    Wednesday 17 Oct
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  5. Thirty spokes join one hub, the wheel's use comes from emptiness. Clay is fired to make a pot, the pot's use comes from emptiness. Windows and doors are cut to make a room, the room's use comes from emptiness. Therefore, Wu chih i wei yung

    Crawling ‘round my room on a wasted afternoon Passing time away with dreams it’s so cozy…

    Wednesday 10 Oct
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