Crawling ‘round my room on a wasted afternoon
Passing time away with dreams it’s so cozy and serene
I’d like to scream
Here’s a door step outside

It happens every so often in the interweb community. Or in a community. People get to know each other. Or think they do. And one of them has a crisis, and in order to prove they are popular, in order to prove that people pay heed to them, they cry for halp. Halp! Halp! they cry. Halp! If no one responds to me, I am going to delete my weblog/photographs/leave this group/go home and never speak to anyone again.

Here is my advice. Do it. Delete the weblog. Remove all the photographs. Stop posting to the group. Bugger off back to your bedroom where you came from. We don’t care. We get what you are trying to do, it is the old friend test test. You know, in order for you to feel wanted, you threaten to take your ball home. As we used to say it is my fun, so I say when it stops. (Where the fun meant the game we were playing. Not the fact that we were in control of The Fun. No. Not that.)

Sure I have considered (and have done so) removing my weblog. But I didn’t do a long and winding post about if no one comments, I shall just go ahead and delete it. I deleted it because I wanted to. Not because I wasn’t validated by anyone else.

Can’t cope with what is going on? Here is a thing. Step aside. Maybe, just maybe, you can’t actually do it? Now you have tried, and failed, don’t expect us to say ‘sure you can do it really’ when you patently can’t. Just don’t throw a histrionic fit. No one listens. If they do, it is because they feel sorry for you, not because they care if you go or not. And at the same time we all wonder how long before it happens again.

You are just sniveling like a child. Childish tactics to make people pay attention to just you, and inflate your ego. Who cares? Not us. Threaten away, but make sure you follow through. There is probably a reason you are insecure and have no real friends. It always ends the way I predict.

But I am calm. The world is quiet here. I sit and read, and await. And what I have read will influence the oncoming posts. There wass no ill in those past few. If you think there was, you miss the point.

Oh I could walk around till dark
Count the flowers in the park
Waste the hours until dark
I’ve got nothing left to say

And I wasn't wrong

It’s a magical world, Hobbes old buddy

  1. Guess what? I know one of your Facebook friends from another life, it’s a small world.

    And, guess what? I’m not telling you immediately who that person is.

    Cause, sometimes that’s the way things are ;-)

    Thu 11 Oct, 8:58PM

  2. This comic puts it well:

    Fri 12 Oct, 1:24PM

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