1. Rockin' in the free world or How I am more culturally-imperialistically ingrained than I thought I was, but pleased to note I could ditch that quickly

    Tony wondered if I would go to see him in a proper, non-third world country. So…

    Tuesday 31 Jul
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  2. The more I read, the more I despise, pity and find funny left/(non)liberal[0] types

    What would I say to future me, eh? I guess I will have to wait a…

    Wednesday 25 Jul
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  3. No amount of quotes and bluster will convince me you are anything other than a minnow

    Flood plain or flood plane? I can convince myself on either. (And given where I am,…

    Monday 23 Jul
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  4. The Emperor of Last Year

    Let’s try and not rant for this post, eh? How about I throw a little family…

    Saturday 21 Jul
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  5. Looking towards the shallow end of the gene pool

    My phone woes have been solved, and I am happy! I get to keep my phone….

    Friday 20 Jul
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  6. Where is the Mimble?

    Things of which it is no use in trying to get my opinion: 1. Modern cars…

    Thursday 19 Jul
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  7. My heart is like a rainbow shell / That paddles in a halcyon sea; / My heart is gladder than all these / Because my love is come to me.

    My wife. Whenever I’m alone with you You make me feel like I am home again…

    Wednesday 18 Jul
    1 comments so far

  8. Left-types, please lower your CO2 emissions. Stop breathing.

    Lower carbon footprint == happiness bollocks. (via An obviously unhappy Eeklanidan import. I mean, chatting away…

    Tuesday 17 Jul
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  9. Not my doll to dress[0]

    Filling space. Music I am liking: Louise Attaque, produced by none other than Gordon Gano. Who’d…

    Monday 16 Jul
    2 comments so far

  10. Selective anger, not talk not that never now

    I forgot about this one while writing my last entry. Scene: Somewhere on the DLR, there…

    Monday 16 Jul
    3 comments so far

  11. And I say: 'Who in Cambridge-Town will teach me, for free or favours, a Nordic language?'

    So, my plan for the weekend was to record some music, buy and play some Mortal…

    Sunday 15 Jul
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  12. Slavegirl-model rejoinder, return, return.[0]

    Banned bam video. Excellent. (Wouldn’t have been banned if it were made by Irn Bru.) Big…

    Tuesday 10 Jul
    4 comments so far

  13. Everyday cosplay

    I managed to not see any of Listen to the Authoritarians dictate nonsense nor a moment…

    Friday 06 Jul
    1 comments so far

  14. There isn't even a place I can go / All there is you don't know

    Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice. I keep telling people the guvvinmint is evil,…

    Friday 06 Jul
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  15. I won't do it and you can't make me.

    Today I become the parent of a teenage boy. Happy birthday, Matthew! Seems a lifetime ago…

    Thursday 05 Jul
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  16. There's all sorts of redheaded women, and I'm not supposed to care

    Given a certain Mr Buckley asked me why I had put a certain comment on my…

    Monday 02 Jul
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