Not my doll to dress[0]

Posted Mon 16 Jul
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Filling space.

Music I am liking:

Louise Attaque, produced by none other than Gordon Gano. Who’d a thunk it, eh? Does that mean anything to you without using a search engine to find out who he is? If so, then welcome, friend.

Jeanne Cherhal. Not quite Mlle Breut, but hey, how can you go wrong with differently-hawt French singers, eh?

Roky Erickson, but those who know me from my first incarnation, way back when I was naturally blonde, know that.

Joana and the Wolf. Yes, I know.

The White Stripes. Because Jack is a genius.

Music that everyone else seems to like but actually sucks:

(And because I don’t like them, they don’t get links):

The Arcade Fire
Duke Special
Arctic Monkeys
The Killers

Lightning is my girl.

Non-music update FFS! I sense a plan of civil disobedience forming. I mean, given the boundaries, you can’t even use the damned Park and Rides! Grrr. (But it isn’t so bad, I am generally in work for 7.30am anyhow.)

[0]Y’see, in more ways than just the singular. Not prompted. But there is a new chick in NewNewWork, and I can’t help feeling in the right setting, with the right attire, she would make for a very striking photograph. Yes, I know I should get Cassandra to do such a thing for me, and I must, but well, and all…

  1. I guess it is the slightly illiterative (if that’s the wrong word the pun is deliberate) qualities of my perception of their names, I always get Vincent Gallo & Gordon Gano mixed up. Imagine Gallo singing about a blister in the sun (you know, pretty much that first album was it, and everything after that was for the then emo-children who never grew out of it, that’s my take, but wow what a great album), and then imagine Gano in a crap movie. You know, I think Gano probably was in a couple crap movies, wasn’t he? Just not that sort. So anyway, who is this chick, Louise?

    Tue 17 Jul, 10:00AM

  2. Might have guessed you would get it. :)

    Apparently she was some French anarchist chick. So how hawt would that have made her!

    Tue 17 Jul, 10:04AM

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