1. Herald of the new mistryst

    Just over a year after Cassandra suprised me with Amahlia, my camera, I have uploaded my…

    Sunday 31 Dec
    2 comments so far

  2. The only intuitive interface is the nipple

    Away with words. A book featuring poetry by eleven to eighteen year olds from the counties…

    Saturday 30 Dec
    3 comments so far

  3. War! What is it good for?

    So, you pre-order latest Nintendo console, you mess around with the motion-sensitive controller, but what do…

    Friday 29 Dec
    0 comments so far

  4. Nothing ever changes without any pain

    So there we have it. Over two years working in Cambridge, and it is decided I…

    Friday 29 Dec
    3 comments so far

  5. Don't ask me, what you know is true

    I haven’t posted much paranoia online recently. I have been in several (erm, more than several)…

    Wednesday 27 Dec
    1 comments so far

  6. Not saying I'm better, no better than you, but if you want to play with Mii, you better learn my rules

    There was Christmas, then. Now I am done picking the shot out of my teeth (the…

    Tuesday 26 Dec
    0 comments so far

  7. Yet in thy dark streets shineth, the everlasting light

    Love came down at Christmas, Love all lovely, Love Divine; Love was born at Christmas,…

    Monday 25 Dec
    0 comments so far

  8. Entends les notes d'une chanson lointaine

    When did I get this disorganised? And disenchanted? In all my years, both of courting, engagement…

    Saturday 23 Dec
    0 comments so far

  9. Make a hole with the gun perpendicular to the name of this town on a desktop globe

    For a limited period only (until I get bored/scared/shamed) you can have access to Cult of…

    Friday 22 Dec
    0 comments so far

  10. What a strange thing to say as you pass me on your way out, and all the things I had in mind for you and me...

    1. On being laughed at by strangers on a train Look, my mother and I get…

    Wednesday 20 Dec
    3 comments so far

  11. My natural state of being unimpressed

    No, really, I was only dancing to Wham! ironically. The Sugarhill Gang, now that was a…

    Sunday 17 Dec
    2 comments so far

  12. Is that robot humming Pink Floyd?

    All sentences are ambiguous. This much I know. (Just like all generalisations are false. Including that…

    Wednesday 13 Dec
    2 comments so far

  13. What is the point in an inhibited and unromantic mistress?

    I wander through each chartered street, Near where the chartered Thames does flow, A mark…

    Sunday 10 Dec
    0 comments so far

  14. He's fast! He's couragous! He's ninja dinosaur!

    I wasn’t going to put pictures of my children on this weblog, considering all my flickr-ed…

    Saturday 09 Dec
    1 comments so far

  15. On being hit by a whacking great clue-by-four

    So, this interweb thing. It seems it is full of all sorts. Well, it would certainly…

    Thursday 07 Dec
    1 comments so far

  16. We keep our hands above the water, we know that, someday, we will fly away

    Therefore it could be said that it has been decided. But it can’t be acted upon….

    Tuesday 05 Dec
    6 comments so far

  17. Born in the half-light, of threats and bribes in a hopeless porn parade

    For Cybez, more getting into the spirit of things. My second child took up the cornet…

    Monday 04 Dec
    4 comments so far

  18. Talking 'bout Monroe and walking on snow white

    The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates. – Tacitus Just for throwaway, for…

    Sunday 03 Dec
    4 comments so far

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