For Cybez, more getting into the spirit of things. My second child took up the cornet this term, having never done brass before, is getting on great. So I give you A on the cornet. Playing Jingle Bells. This was near the end of the session, and the poor wee lad was out of puff. Brass looks like hard work.

I don’t normally whinge about work, and I amn’t about to start, but bright lights, big city, goes to my baby’s head. Or not. *raises eyebrow* Who would know? Certainly not me. But no one who cares reads this, so perhaps, just perhaps, I could…but no. It would just be ungrateful. Or ingrateful. Is that what ingrates are?

Go go ninja dinosaur! from Colours Are Brighter. My progeny are dancing around the dining room singing along to this. My life has gone surreal again. Although having discovered that site, and not just listening to the CD apropos nowt that A put on, it makes (slightly) more sense. Go go ninja dinosaur! I must stick in on Abby, and listen to it in work tomorrow. (It has a Half Man, Half Biscuit track, too. Bonus!)

A metaphor for something

Speaking of listening to music in work, I have taken to doing this. Upon removing my headphones, the office is *unspeakably* quiet, disturbingly so. Noise-cancelling headphones, indeed. Though eight hours of music wears on the old girl’s battery. But not me. I had forgotten that I work much better to music, and can ignore much more, as well.

How do you perpendiculate yet maintain the looks and the lifestyle? How do you be more than an adjunct?

Go go, ninja dinosaur! *dammit* Stuck in my head now.

  1. oops - sounds like someone’s Christmas present was left lying on the table this evening!

    Mon 04 Dec, 10:58PM

  2. D’oh!

    Well, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing it would have been a present they liked. :)

    Stray Taoist
    Tue 05 Dec, 8:33AM

  3. and I don’t have to choose which one to give it to :)

    Tue 05 Dec, 9:07AM

  4. Thanks for keeping me amused and getting me into the sPiRiT. Can ‘A’ play ‘Go go ninja dinosaur’ on the cornet, that’d be good.

    All this musical stuff reminds me of one evening the Mrs was singing in a pub somewhere.For this particular song she was using an old cassette tape for backing. The tape as some old tapes do started to run really fast and the Mrs started to sing along to the tape at that speed. I found it highly entertaining as did the crowd but unfortuantely she couldn’t do an encore as that tape was buggered. She also managed at a karaoke to sing both parts of ‘Islands in the Stream’ (Dolly & Kenny) again I found that highly amusing.

    ‘Go go ninja dinosaur’…F$*CK I can’t that out of my head now.

    Tue 05 Dec, 5:28PM

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