1. I changed my name so only my looks remain

    Then I took to wondering why I was getting, if not totally stressed out, feeling a…

    Saturday 22 Apr
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  2. The Incredible mwk Versus The Moral Majority

    What is the truth about rock music? Music is a powerful and perhaps the most powerful…

    Monday 03 Mar
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  3. Noblesse oblige

    In the kitchen, in NewNewWork (but let us now say about NewWork, as wow, and all,…

    Monday 10 Sep
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  4. There isn't even a place I can go / All there is you don't know

    Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice. I keep telling people the guvvinmint is evil,…

    Friday 06 Jul

  5. I am the Angel of the Abyss

    I am glad that the tights-and-shorts look is back in. Takes me back, makes me smile….

    Wednesday 25 Apr
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