What is the truth about rock music? Music is a powerful and perhaps the most powerful medium in the world. Music. Plato says when the music of a society changes, the whole society will change.

Everyone knows the sinking feeling, the one where you have a snoring dog in your ear, making you unable to roll over or sleep properly, so you look up at the clock, the same clock that has sat by your bed for the last fifteen years (probably more), see it is still several hours before you need to get up, no, better than that, several more again, and a smile creeps across your face as you plan what to do with the day, only to have it melt away, fall away, because it hits you, there and then, that the lower of the two dots on the radio is lit, which means the alarm is set, and why would the alarm be set, there is no reason for it, it is still the weekend, oh, dear goodness, no, it isn’t.

Aristotle, a contemporary of Plato’s, says when music changes there should be laws to govern the nature and the character of that music. Lenin says that the best and the quickest way to undermine any society is through its music..

Everyone knows the sudden realisation, when muscle memory, old neural pathways, a very Pavlovian response, takes you somewhere you haven’t been at that time of day for well over a year, the not-quite horror, but certainly odd feeling when, after a mile or two, you realise you aren’t where you are supposed to be, how could that happen, there is the niggling that something is amiss, the sun shouldn’t be coming up over there, where am I, how did I, well, no great loss, just a reaction to a song, must have overplayed the song on this route all those years ago, no big deal, change tack.

Music, ladies and gentleman, is the gift of God it was given to man to offer praises to God and to lift us up to him and to exalt Him to touch the tender recesses of our hearts and of our minds.

Everyone knows the toils, the tribulations, the reluctance, the graft, and it has to be done, grind on and on, long time dead and all that, no one gets to their death bed wishing they had spent more time in the office, little point putting it off, look up, look around, look down in the end, chained to the silence and dreaming of the noise, the noise of amps being simulated, in an outboard software kinda way, but there is little time and less money, both taken away from me, not that you can squander either, although in the end all is consumed, nothing is left.

Satan has taken music and he has counterfeited it, convoluted it, twisted it, exploited it and now he’s using it to hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer a message into the minds and the lifestyles of this generation.

  1. Surely if music is created by people it expresses a change going on in society rather than causing it. If the music is coming out, being created, the thoughts already exist, the horse has bolted and all the stable doors int he world won’t lock it back in.

    Sun 09 Mar, 7:01PM

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