1. The only thing misplaced was direction

    No one asks the right questions anymore. Then again…what is the right question? There is a…

    Wednesday 03 Feb
    1 comments so far

  2. ...I think I may have been misrepresenting myself in here for years...

    If I run uphill I’m out of breath If I spend all of my money I’ve…

    Wednesday 30 Jul

  3. It was always the movement and the skin

    I used to be a chilled, calm type, but these days I have much anger. Some…

    Monday 24 Mar
    2 comments so far

  4. Today is a good day to clean the guns

    How many times do I need to say, but oh how I enjoy seeing children giving…

    Friday 14 Mar

  5. τι γαρ ωφελειται ανθρωπος εαν τον κοσμον ολον κερδηση την δε ψυχην αυτου ζημιωθη η τι δωσει ανθρωπος ανταλλαγμα της ψυχης αυτου

    While Chrimble and I were down at Corpus last week listening to Joel O’Software, he said…

    Tuesday 13 Nov
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  6. Not always angry and grumpy

    Best having a calm post, eh? On reading Richard Rorty (cheers to Robbie), I am struck…

    Monday 08 Oct

  7. Start with a teeshirt campaign, maybe give some leaflets out, be overly earnest...

    Do you also live in a world where pneumatic blondes leap at you from the foliage?…

    Saturday 11 Aug
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  8. No amount of quotes and bluster will convince me you are anything other than a minnow

    Flood plain or flood plane? I can convince myself on either. (And given where I am,…

    Monday 23 Jul

  9. There's all sorts of redheaded women, and I'm not supposed to care

    Given a certain Mr Buckley asked me why I had put a certain comment on my…

    Monday 02 Jul

  10. The notion state

    Beginning. My journey through life is often marked by waypoints. Not so much comforters, because I…

    Wednesday 30 May
    2 comments so far

  11. ...where the night has become elizium for the sleepless souls...

    This is, as it happens, the 100th post since the switch to this domain. The other…

    Monday 21 May
    4 comments so far

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