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Posted Wed 30 May
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Beginning. My journey through life is often marked by waypoints. Not so much comforters, because I lose them at every jump-off, but reassuring. The world turns, and others dance along to the rotation. Due to visitations at our household, the warm and tight embrace of Caitlin has been denied me these past few days. Which has allowed me to see the waypoints from another angle. A chance insight into the routine of strangers. Wondering if they see the same picture, or if they haven’t the awareness you project.

The sun burned hot, it burned my eyes
Burned so hot I thought I’d died
Thought I’d died and gone to hell
Lookin’ for the water from a deeper well
I went to the river but the river was dry
I fell to my knees an I looked to the sky
I looked to the sky and the spring rain fell
I saw the water from a deeper well

Interjection. Getting off the bus at the end of the beer festival, I walked along the darkened lane towards my bed. A fellow passenger also alighted here, and proceeded to cajole me in to some conversation. I did partake, as it would have been rude not to. But the reason he wished to engage with me was he liked my car. He had seen me around. Recognised me. Or me in Caitlin. It is odd, however much I notice people and places around me, I never expect the same to happen to me.

I was ready for love I was ready for the money
Ready for the blood and ready for the honey
Ready for the winnin’, ready for the bell
Lookin’ for the water from a deeper well
I found some love and I found some money
Found that blood would drip from the honey
Found I had a thirst that I could not quell
Lookin’ for the water from a deeper well

Return. Every morn, as I kick down the road towards town, I pass PolkaDotDress girl. Waiting at the bus stop. With her black handbag. While not cutting a lonely figure, she does contrast against the houses behind, and sometimes I wonder where she is going, where the bus takes her, and does she have five of those dresses. Like meeting your heroes, there are somethings you shouldn’t do. Or know. A waypoint. As the 7.20 bus hasn’t pulled in to the layby to collect her yet. I can gauge how long it will take me get to work.

Well I did it for kicks and I did it for faith
I did it for lust and I did it for hate
I did it for need and I did it for love
Addiction stayed on tight like a glove
So I ran with the moon and I ran with the night
And the three of us were a terrible sight
Nipple to the bottle to the gun to the cell
To the bottom of a hole of a deeper well

Disruption. Today is the last day I get the bus this week. The four-ton steel cage rumbles to a halt at 7.20, to engulf PolkaDotDress girl. At the same time, at the same point, but on a different day. As yesterday, she takes out her makeup brush, and proceeds to apply her face for the world. We don’t count as the world, in here, we are all in transit and so not real. The real world stops when entering, and spins up again upon leaving. She isn’t quite the same from close up, the soft-focus of speed giving her a more mystical look. But it doesn’t matter. I had to ask. Just to know.

I rocked with the cradle and I rolled with the rage
I shook those walls and I rattled that gage
I took my trouble down a deadend trail
Reachin’ out a hand for a holier grail
Hey there mama did you carry that load
Did you tell your baby ‘bout the bend in the road
‘Bout the rebel yell ‘bout the one that fell
Lookin’ for the water from a deeper well

Teasing. ‘You could not get a younger model’ quoth Cassandra, ‘you are far too eccentric and grumpy’. just so you know. iz var bigger than 10 o rly?

  1. Lord Toast, you should try it! Wear a polka dot dress and put your make up on in the bus, you’ll find it liberating ;-)

    Wed 30 May, 8:39PM

  2. I’ve put my make up on on the bus. You are right it’s not the real world. I usually just listen to my headphones and opt out of the world for 15minutes. I walk in more now, 3 miles of opting out, it’s bliss, my head feels clearer when i get to work.

    Thu 31 May, 5:14PM

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