1. Line my eyes and call me pretty

    Our reside Merkan decided, a few WEEKS AGO, to put up Halloween decorations in the office….

    Wednesday 31 Oct
    2 comments so far

  2. Think me not unkind and rude, that I walk alone in grove and glen; I go to the god of the wood, to fetch his word to men.

    Not the post about hypercompetitiveness. No, that one is still to come. Bear with me here….

    Wednesday 31 Oct
    2 comments so far

  3. But you can wake up younger under the knife, and you can wake up sounder if you get analysed

    Shall we tell a little story? That has a subplot, community service information and better living…

    Tuesday 30 Oct
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  4. Landed down there, always took her share

    Patents then. Probably worth a trolling post. Hands up who thinks they are a bad idea?…

    Saturday 27 Oct
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  5. The thing is, I did see purple light crashing out of you

    These are the rules Does my voice fill the office? I would say it is more…

    Tuesday 23 Oct

  6. All the boys think she's a spy

    I have been in this part of the country for a while now, and for the…

    Sunday 21 Oct
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  7. The hurdy-gurdy mushroom man has locked me in a frying pan

    Video game standard touted by EA boss. What is this? Trip Hawkins talking about the 3DO?…

    Friday 19 Oct
    3 comments so far

  8. Never got any farther across the line than Meridian

    I would mention something about today’s FFS, but I won’t. It is too easy a target….

    Wednesday 17 Oct
    1 comments so far

  9. I hope they added to Global Warming while they were at it

    Top Gear pipes anger anti-smokers. Now. Listen up. I cannot convey the amount I despise the…

    Tuesday 16 Oct
    0 comments so far

  10. Nine tenths still leaves a tenth

    Tony, during his brief stop-over was in the civilised part of the Third World, made one…

    Monday 15 Oct
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  11. Thirty spokes join one hub, the wheel's use comes from emptiness. Clay is fired to make a pot, the pot's use comes from emptiness. Windows and doors are cut to make a room, the room's use comes from emptiness. Therefore, Wu chih i wei yung

    Crawling ‘round my room on a wasted afternoon Passing time away with dreams it’s so cozy…

    Wednesday 10 Oct
    2 comments so far

  12. The manifesto can wait

    So now I have listened to Radiohead’s new record I can give my considered opinion. BECAUSE…

    Wednesday 10 Oct
    3 comments so far

  13. Not always angry and grumpy

    Best having a calm post, eh? On reading Richard Rorty (cheers to Robbie), I am struck…

    Monday 08 Oct
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  14. In RealLife(tm) I am calm. No, really. Oh, alright then. In my *head* I am calm.

    A few things. More anger. The Post Office workers strike. Get rid. We do not need…

    Saturday 06 Oct
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  15. I still don't own, nor smoke, a pipe. Why? I have sheds. I have an allotment.

    Here is another thought for you. If you can’t stand up in an argument, and find…

    Friday 05 Oct
    3 comments so far

  16. I've been whored and I've been gored, i've been less and I've been more

    …very few trying to buy it for a penny. Ha. I ordered it for NOTHING AT…

    Wednesday 03 Oct
    10 comments so far

  17. Life is too short for all your petty ways, I remember the good old lazy days

    Here is something that annoys me. Not just this in particular, the sentiment behind it. Let’s…

    Monday 01 Oct
    3 comments so far

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