These are the rules

Does my voice fill the office? I would say it is more Jon than me, as his imitations of the Thai monkeys are better than mine. Between us, we may have caused a ruckus, but we did get a lot of work done. Well, I did, he tried to draw diagrams of what I was actually supposed to be really doing.

1. Make it work

You know what makes me laugh? See when someone is trying to draw a diagram of what I am actually supposed to be really doing and I nudge their elbow on the arm that they are trying to draw diagrams of what I was actually supposed to be really doing? That. That makes me laugh. Much like I laughed when the elbow of one of my arms that was typing the code that was related to the diagrams of what I was actually supposed to be really doing was nudged. When I say laugh, I mean make monkey sounds, with hands in the Buckley-thumbs-down-boo-pose.

2. Make it right

You know what makes me sad? Being dragged down into the ordinary. Life isn’t ordinary, it is hard, it is fun, it is sad, it is uplifting, it is depressing, but it should never be ordinary. Or normal. Who wants it to be normal? Normal is boring, normal is safe, normal is a lack of imagination. But sometimes, more often than not, I am just ordinary. There is much to be thankful for. There is much to learn. There is so much to do.

3. Make it fast

You know what makes me? Because I don’t, can’t, won’t understand.

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