1. Not matching any target demographic

    Here is a tale, a tale of woe, gruntled people, tired feet and frayed nerves. Here…

    Thursday 31 Jul
    4 comments so far

  2. ...I think I may have been misrepresenting myself in here for years...

    If I run uphill I’m out of breath If I spend all of my money I’ve…

    Wednesday 30 Jul

  3. γνῶθι σεαυτόν

    So second-male-child and I decided we would enter a Tae Kwon Do competition. Mostly for the…

    Sunday 20 Jul
    1 comments so far

  4. Get a haircut son, you look like a God-damned girl

    Five reasons to avoid the iPhone 3G written by some grubby hippy idealist. Nonsense, claims I….

    Friday 18 Jul
    2 comments so far

  5. And there will be my heart also

    Another day, another why-oh-why post from me. Second male child was ill Friday past, so didn’t…

    Monday 14 Jul
    0 comments so far

  6. Always plaid

    I am not posh. I (probably) amn’t better than you. I am certainly not your equal,…

    Saturday 05 Jul
    7 comments so far

  7. And the stars might fall on Alabama, but one of these days I'm gonna swing my hammer down

    Aren’t boundaries there for the pushing? I say again, What Do They Know is a great…

    Thursday 03 Jul
    2 comments so far

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