Aren’t boundaries there for the pushing?

I say again, What Do They Know is a great resource, and some of the things people ask are genius. This is our information, people, they shouldn’t be withholding it, be we vexatious or not.

Some authorities acknowledge requests with an hour or two, some don’t even do that. But we await the regulated number of days and see what will happen. I see some requests get answered almost instantly. (I have quite a few people listed in my feed reader, and that one there got updated minutes after it first arrived. Now that is service. Even in the negative.)

Cassandra thinks that people could get themselves in trouble over things like this. But but but They Work For You Us!. And besides, that data is ours. And just think of the data-mining to be done, the cools apps the Cool Kids could come up with. If only those damned iPhones weren’t so expensive. Not that it needs to be a mobile app, mind.

In other news, I shall be returning to That London. Yes, I know.

Caitlin had a minor respiratory issue, but all is well, she is better now. (Cheers to Will, too. See, Becky, it was in my Facebook status, you should use a feedreader of some kind, that way you get to see the various statuses during the day.)

No, seriously, in other news I shall be returning to That London.

  1. Actually, Facebook status updates via RSS are really annoying as they only give the most recent status change. If someone updates multiple times within your polling window they just pretend the earlier ones never happened. Grrr.

    Thu 03 Jul, 6:19PM

  2. Your license to complain about London has officially been revoked. ;-)

    Thu 03 Jul, 10:26PM

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