1. And there will be my heart also

    Another day, another why-oh-why post from me. Second male child was ill Friday past, so didn’t…

    Monday 14 Jul
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  2. We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are

    I have to say it again, that drivers in South Cambs are truly the worst. Seriously….

    Tuesday 29 Jan
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  3. Think me not unkind and rude, that I walk alone in grove and glen; I go to the god of the wood, to fetch his word to men.

    Not the post about hypercompetitiveness. No, that one is still to come. Bear with me here….

    Wednesday 31 Oct
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  4. I hope they added to Global Warming while they were at it

    Top Gear pipes anger anti-smokers. Now. Listen up. I cannot convey the amount I despise the…

    Tuesday 16 Oct
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  5. I still don't own, nor smoke, a pipe. Why? I have sheds. I have an allotment.

    Here is another thought for you. If you can’t stand up in an argument, and find…

    Friday 05 Oct
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  6. All we want is wild abandon, don't want life down in the ordinary

    Why do some people think it alright to mock my accent, and then when I dare…

    Wednesday 26 Sep
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  7. Aoelian shift

    Three conversations. Guess which ones I was involved in. (For sake of brevity, I paraphrase.) them:…

    Sunday 05 Aug
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  8. You never know we could be walking, and fighting, and asking for favours

    OK, so Cassandra did the If you hate it so much why do you live here…

    Thursday 02 Aug
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  9. Left-types, please lower your CO2 emissions. Stop breathing.

    Lower carbon footprint == happiness bollocks. (via An obviously unhappy Eeklanidan import. I mean, chatting away…

    Tuesday 17 Jul
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  10. It is not for you to know, but for you to weep and wonder

    What Thaddeus said. (And again what Perry said down in the comments, although I can’t quite…

    Wednesday 14 Mar
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  11. These chains won't keep me from the werewolf in your eyes

    Autumn leaves are falling About her new-made grave Where the tall grass bends to listen To…

    Saturday 10 Mar
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  12. Don't you know that amounts to money laundering?

    Screengrab of the sucky Pixmania HML-only email. If you want to read it, view it…

    Tuesday 23 Jan
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  13. One more go at Pixmania...

    Respond to the security email with extrainformation about yourself, for example your work contact details withthe…

    Tuesday 23 Jan
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  14. It isn't asking too much.

    More on my Pixmania saga. There was my cancellation last night, done via the most woeful…

    Tuesday 23 Jan
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  15. ...and other disasterous online shopping experiences of our time...

    Pixmania suck. They truly do. Considering my kit lens was kicked down some stairs, I needed…

    Monday 22 Jan
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  16. Don't ask me, what you know is true

    I haven’t posted much paranoia online recently. I have been in several (erm, more than several)…

    Wednesday 27 Dec
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  17. What is the point in an inhibited and unromantic mistress?

    I wander through each chartered street, Near where the chartered Thames does flow, A mark…

    Sunday 10 Dec
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  18. Fast feed, crystal fever, swarming through a fractured mind

    Book shops. I could (and sometimes do) spend hours in them. But, at this time of…

    Thursday 23 Nov
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