One more go at Pixmania…

Posted Tue 23 Jan
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Respond to the security email with extrainformation about yourself, for example your work contact details withthe switchboard number,? your professional email address, the nameof the person who accepts the delivery of your order, the name of thebill holder at your address, etc.. This extra information may besufficient for your order to be accepted by our security department.

All bodged-together words was done by them, not me. Or a combination of them and my mail client.

So, if I use a fake card and an address, get a mate to stay in, give them his name, get the goods (if they ask him for ID, sure won’t another fake card with his name do the job) delivered, that is fine with them? Really? That line up there is rife for fraudulent activity.

And I can’t respond to the security email, as it told me not to. As well as telling me to. And when I replied to a customer service email, it all went HTML-only. But youse know that already.

I will shut up about them now. For a bit.

  1. Truely they are *unts. I would black list their domain and forget about them. Or rather, black list their domain and keep an eye on my credit card statements to make sure they aren’t ripping me off.

    Thu 25 Jan, 3:09PM

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