1. Gold and waves and Betty Blue are the images that lead to the clues of why

    Shame, such a shame Time management, specifically time management of techies, is a curious thing. And…

    Thursday 01 Apr
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  2. Ten days in the city

    …continued from nine days in the city I couldn’t see for the costumes on racks in…

    Saturday 16 Aug
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  3. Carpet burns reinvention

    I guess, now that it has been five! whole! days!, I should say something of LondonWorkTakeTwo….

    Friday 08 Aug
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  4. Curiosity is the lust of the mind.

    NewNewWork™ have put a sofa in the kitchen. A leather sofa, and an accompanying leather armchair….

    Friday 01 Jun
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  5. Nine Days in the City

    The smoke that was hanging around the room slowly lifted, as the ceiling fan beat its…

    Thursday 08 Feb
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  6. And the public get what the public want

    Here I am writing this on the coach. Doesn’t that rock? Free, as well. It rocks…

    Tuesday 30 Jan
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  7. A Farewell to ARMs*

    Today was my last day working (offical last day is Friday, but there are plans afoot…

    Wednesday 24 Jan
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  8. If the guilt doesn't kill you, she will

    Deviate to contemplate This audio visual opiate One hundred years from now Title fights and human…

    Monday 08 Jan
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  9. Nothing ever changes without any pain

    So there we have it. Over two years working in Cambridge, and it is decided I…

    Friday 29 Dec
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