So there we have it. Over two years working in Cambridge, and it is decided I should head to that Lahndahn to check out those streets paved with gold. Of course, overstretching myself again, no doubt.

Did I mention (no, obviously, as this is the first I have) that I shall be required to be in LA as part of the course of my new employ?

I am Bob L’Eponge’s lack of decorum.


(I held off posting this here, in case it gets out in the wrong way. But then again, no one of that type reads this. I don’t think.)

  1. Congratulations, sir.

    Fri 29 Dec, 1:59PM

  2. Excellent news. You needed a change of scenery. You’ll remain based in Cambridge?

    Sat 30 Dec, 8:56AM

  3. Thanks, folks.

    Yeah, I shall remain based here, for here is such a fine place to live.

    Stray Taoist
    Sat 30 Dec, 10:43AM

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