1. Educated man, from the motherland

    When I was born, the year of Bloody Sunday, Glam Rock and Watergate, life wasn’t any…

    Tuesday 29 May
    2 comments so far

  2. Nobody but you

    Editor’s note: This is redacted from a much, much longer piece. That post got overly long,…

    Friday 18 Mar
    0 comments so far

  3. Five-Oh said 'Freeze!' and I got a numb

    Où, où est-elle passée, où est ma colère, ma colère… I have, quite a few times,…

    Sunday 18 Apr

  4. Rise up with fists

    If you sing a song, sing a song for them If you sing a song, sing…

    Saturday 18 Oct

  5. He sang nursery rhymes to paralyse the wolves that eddy out the corner of his eye

    You know how you read that author’s always hate been asked where their inspiration, their ideas,…

    Sunday 22 Jun
    4 comments so far

  6. Living through the burn

    Today, I was quite chuffed to have a procession of (chick) volunteers to speak (for that…

    Wednesday 06 Feb

  7. Nothing worthwhile is easy

    So RPM Challenge has started, and given it is a few days in, here are some…

    Sunday 03 Feb

  8. Stereophonic sound. Stereophonic sound. Stereophonic sound. For dance music.

    Excuse me while I witter on for a bit. See, when I were a lad (and…

    Thursday 10 Jan
    2 comments so far

  9. The manifesto can wait

    So now I have listened to Radiohead’s new record I can give my considered opinion. BECAUSE…

    Wednesday 10 Oct
    3 comments so far

  10. I've been whored and I've been gored, i've been less and I've been more

    …very few trying to buy it for a penny. Ha. I ordered it for NOTHING AT…

    Wednesday 03 Oct
    10 comments so far

  11. Funny thing about money for sex is you might get rich, or die by it

    Too many people crowded into the UK, you say? Well, let us consider that for a…

    Wednesday 29 Aug
    3 comments so far

  12. Not my doll to dress[0]

    Filling space. Music I am liking: Louise Attaque, produced by none other than Gordon Gano. Who’d…

    Monday 16 Jul
    2 comments so far

  13. Intermission

    Rebekah Higgs totally rocks. I love the genre. Shoegaze. Ah, those Catherine Wheels and Thousand Yard…

    Wednesday 20 Jun
    2 comments so far

  14. Line my eyes and call me pretty

    So far, this year has been rather poor for the old musical releases. And the new…

    Wednesday 09 May
    1 comments so far

  15. Actually, my girlfriend is more of a freak than you

    Recording music with the mic thrown to the middle of the practice room helps. It is…

    Saturday 03 Mar

  16. Would be, would be king

    Those who have had the benefit of a musical education from my good self will know…

    Friday 23 Feb
    1 comments so far

  17. There's something about the living babe, that sends me off my feet

    If you have any musical taste, please, look away now. Seven Nation Army, but I can…

    Tuesday 20 Feb

  18. If the guilt doesn't kill you, she will

    Deviate to contemplate This audio visual opiate One hundred years from now Title fights and human…

    Monday 08 Jan
    1 comments so far

  19. Make a hole with the gun perpendicular to the name of this town on a desktop globe

    For a limited period only (until I get bored/scared/shamed) you can have access to Cult of…

    Friday 22 Dec

  20. Born in the half-light, of threats and bribes in a hopeless porn parade

    For Cybez, more getting into the spirit of things. My second child took up the cornet…

    Monday 04 Dec
    4 comments so far

  21. And you may ask yourself: How do I work this?

    Pictures are better than my mish-mash of words. Even my pictures. The lineup is complete….

    Saturday 25 Nov
    2 comments so far

  22. It was a bite of a night gone wrong, and the effect of listening to negative songs

    The singer quest can now be halted! Shout it (but not sing it, leave that to…

    Thursday 23 Nov
    2 comments so far

  23. Lone voice

    I have spent quite a bit of time reviewing our latest mp3. The one where there…

    Tuesday 14 Nov
    1 comments so far

  24. You bought a guitar to punish yer ma

    It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how Today was the first…

    Saturday 11 Nov
    2 comments so far

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