It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how

Today was the first time with all our own instruments. We had the use of a drumkit, perhaps twice, then it disappeared. This afternoon, the unit was complete. Except for the singer. We still look, like people who look for things, for a rock chick.

If you can fit the bill, give me a call. If you are tall, posh, and have your own trust fund so the rhythm section and give up work and spend all day louging about in the recording studio you will build for us in the cottage in the country, all the better. Actually, scratch that, the ability to sing, put up with the aforementioned rhythm section and commit as much as we have, all the better. Note the use of the term rock chick. We want a female. Yes, we are discriminating against blokes. (Oh, having a voice like Emmylou, Neko, Ms. Carlisle would help. Smoking 40 a day for the past twenty years to get that special kind of voice optional.)


What have you missed? Oh, lots and lots. I return soon.

  1. Hello me.

    Tue 14 Nov, 7:36PM

  2. hello

    YER MA!!!!

    Fri 04 Apr, 1:15PM

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