1. Brief Lives

    Everyone else wanted a dog. I didn’t. Never grew up with them. Never even considered one….

    Saturday 06 Apr
    3 comments so far

  2. מתתיהו

    I probably amn’t ready for what is coming. I have known it was coming, indeed, I…

    Monday 20 Oct
    2 comments so far

  3. Take your baby by the ears, and play upon her darkest fears

    Cassandra[0] spotted an unidentified object in our shed this afternoon. Seems it might be the start…

    Saturday 04 Aug
    3 comments so far

  4. The Emperor of Last Year

    Let’s try and not rant for this post, eh? How about I throw a little family…

    Saturday 21 Jul

  5. My heart is like a rainbow shell / That paddles in a halcyon sea; / My heart is gladder than all these / Because my love is come to me.

    My wife. Whenever I’m alone with you You make me feel like I am home again…

    Wednesday 18 Jul
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  6. I won't do it and you can't make me.

    Today I become the parent of a teenage boy. Happy birthday, Matthew! Seems a lifetime ago…

    Thursday 05 Jul
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  7. The one to whom I gave my name

    We have two birthdays two days apart. Alexander, my second boy, was born today, eleven years…

    Monday 19 Mar
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  8. Today is a very special day in our calendar

    My only daughter, and my youngest, clings desperately on to single figures. And is nine today….

    Saturday 17 Mar
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  9. Rest. Change. Change. Rest.

    I have given her my love, and she has requited it.. Sheer genius, one of those…

    Sunday 21 Jan
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  10. The only intuitive interface is the nipple

    Away with words. A book featuring poetry by eleven to eighteen year olds from the counties…

    Saturday 30 Dec
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