1. And the public get what the public want

    Here I am writing this on the coach. Doesn’t that rock? Free, as well. It rocks…

    Tuesday 30 Jan
    3 comments so far

  2. For Ampersandroo

    Caxton Gibbet…

    Sunday 28 Jan
    0 comments so far

  3. On the geniusness of genius plans

    The 11th Cambridge Winter Beer Festival was on (and is still on today, but that disrupts…

    Saturday 27 Jan
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  4. A Farewell to ARMs*

    Today was my last day working (offical last day is Friday, but there are plans afoot…

    Wednesday 24 Jan
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  5. Don't you know that amounts to money laundering?

    Screengrab of the sucky Pixmania HML-only email. If you want to read it, view it…

    Tuesday 23 Jan
    2 comments so far

  6. One more go at Pixmania...

    Respond to the security email with extrainformation about yourself, for example your work contact details withthe…

    Tuesday 23 Jan
    1 comments so far

  7. It isn't asking too much.

    More on my Pixmania saga. There was my cancellation last night, done via the most woeful…

    Tuesday 23 Jan
    2 comments so far

  8. ...and other disasterous online shopping experiences of our time...

    Pixmania suck. They truly do. Considering my kit lens was kicked down some stairs, I needed…

    Monday 22 Jan
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  9. Rest. Change. Change. Rest.

    I have given her my love, and she has requited it.. Sheer genius, one of those…

    Sunday 21 Jan
    1 comments so far

  10. I hate you and I hope you die

    Raymond ponders on what is racism, and I ponder it too. Yes, in relation to the…

    Saturday 20 Jan
    2 comments so far

  11. ...and I wonder about the suppression, that you get when you're on your knees...

    Random acts of Violet The closer I get to starting something brand new, and things I…

    Wednesday 17 Jan

  12. You sit around getting older, there's a joke here somewhere and it's on me

    I woke up this morning to news of disasterous Governmental policy, and wondered if I was…

    Sunday 14 Jan
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  13. I hate the way you don't want to move. What's the matter baby, money rules the groove.

    A disgrace. That is what it is. Since Christmas Eve, when it was first turned on,…

    Saturday 13 Jan
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  14. I miss looking at the shadows the mountains of the moon make, the silent and austere beauty

    Busted! (I must say I am enjoying reading of Tony’s time out in the freewheeling capitalist…

    Thursday 11 Jan
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  15. And I'm filling in the negative space with positively everything

    … I don’t have much of a concept of time, nor events and people therein. You…

    Tuesday 09 Jan
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  16. If the guilt doesn't kill you, she will

    Deviate to contemplate This audio visual opiate One hundred years from now Title fights and human…

    Monday 08 Jan
    1 comments so far

  17. The shadow of a lover goes dancing by

    I reckon I know who it was. But let us roll with it for a moment,…

    Wednesday 03 Jan
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