1. Someone is wrong on the internet! Quick! To...ack, no, don't.

    See, this has been annoying me for a while, and in specific cases I knew why….

    Sunday 15 Apr
    3 comments so far

  2. Not another song about suicidal lesbians in an open top 70s sports car. Please.

    This makes me laugh: One of those chicks is not like the others, but doesn’t mind…

    Monday 10 Mar
    1 comments so far

  3. No velvet was stroked during the making of this post

    It is oft said that it is awful to be stuck in a room full of…

    Saturday 15 Dec
    1 comments so far

  4. Forty-nine is only seven time seven

    I do not know you. Do I need to? (If the person who wrote that reads…

    Sunday 19 Aug
    4 comments so far

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