This makes me laugh: One of those chicks is not like the others, but doesn’t mind being in the same room as them :)

People keep yakking on about Open Source software being a viable alternative to the evil capitalist closed variety. Nonsense. (And this from someone who has released code, uses that hacker’s delight Linux, won’t touch Windows and has a beard.) For example, OpenOffice truly sucks. But it does open Word docs, so when I am forced to read one, I can. But the GIMP. There is a special circle of Hell reserved for those who say it is the equal of Photoshop. It isn’t. Not anywhere near close. It is a last-resort. I don’t even use it for resizing in NewNewWork, I can do that from the command line.

St Julian releases new record (last year, but I didn’t notice). I wonder if that means another tour soon?

Not something you hear all the time, or indeed ever, but you know, live experimental jazz rock is a fine way to end the week. Then home, late at night, and wandering the empty and quiet streets with (not-so-anymore) mental puppy dog.

Seeds have been planted, and more to go in. Working the ground is great, although you do get a little stiff afterwards. Not for any hippy ideal (even though the gig last night was all seated, to make sure no old arthritic joints got bruised during ‘Louie Louie’, as, by God, I must have been the youngest there by a long shot), not for any stupid save-the-planet kick, no, for pure capitalist reasons. If I save some money growing my own veg, then I can spend it on torturing baby seals while drinking the blood of the exploited working class. Or some extravagence. (No, not just ‘cause a certain Mr White plays it.) Who knows? See, that is where the green fascists with their doom and gloom hessian sack religion nonsense got it wrong. If they pitch it that you are saving money, thereby… snip

The thing about engaging nutters (specifically Cambridge-Town Platonists) in conversation is that they don’t know when to end. I merely voiced an opinion on which comic (now now, no fanboi I, it was about Modestii, not what fanbois sigh and roll their eyes telling people it is literature. You know, like Sandman or other such nonsense. (Caveat: ‘Brief Lives’ is a fantastic sequence. If I recall correctly.)

Where was I? Oh yes, dreaming of flight, guitars and a surplus of corn.

  1. Oh - I forgot to tell you - Cud are in Cambridge on 20th March - at the Barfly. I’m not going to that one (it’s a bit too far for a school-night), but I am going to the London one in May. Your talk of bands reminded me.

    Mon 10 Mar, 8:47PM

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