1. Set fire to flames

    A story from the past, wending it ways into a moment of the present. Sometime ago,…

    Friday 24 Sep
    1 comments so far

  2. Life is too short for all your petty ways, I remember the good old lazy days

    Here is something that annoys me. Not just this in particular, the sentiment behind it. Let’s…

    Monday 01 Oct
    3 comments so far

  3. I can love my fellow man, but damned if I'll love yours

    Cambridge-Town was a nightmare this afternoon on Satdeh. As all the fresh-faced new student intake arrive…

    Sunday 30 Sep
    2 comments so far

  4. Does your Daddy have a shotgun?

    Last week, back when I had the intertubes, I got the information on my FoI request…

    Wednesday 05 Sep

  5. The angel fell to her knees

    Righty-ho, now I have a further response to my first response to my FoI request about…

    Tuesday 21 Aug

  6. This machine kills socialists[0]

    What is it with the attraction to the forbidden? The token that says ‘hands off’, that…

    Saturday 18 Aug

  7. I sense the stirrings of actual political participation , not just ranting on some obscure outpost of the intertubes.

    First response from Cambridge City Council on my Freedom of Information request about the traffic lights…

    Friday 17 Aug
    3 comments so far

  8. Coiterie dissolution, dalliance revolution

    The other thing the clocks going back heralds is the lowering of tops. A bit of…

    Monday 02 Apr

  9. Don't ask me what you know is true

    Two cars, a lorry, a coach, a van and another car. That is all the traffic…

    Tuesday 27 Mar
    5 comments so far

  10. For Ampersandroo

    Caxton Gibbet…

    Sunday 28 Jan

  11. If the guilt doesn't kill you, she will

    Deviate to contemplate This audio visual opiate One hundred years from now Title fights and human…

    Monday 08 Jan
    1 comments so far

  12. Shoplifting in your thirties

    There is something great about wandering around town in the dark and cold. Still a lot…

    Tuesday 21 Nov
    2 comments so far

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