What is it with the attraction to the forbidden? The token that says ‘hands off’, that is irresistible to certain types? Is it the challenge? For the end result will always be disappointing. (Not that there aren’t things to be mutually learned, however.) The difficulty of the chase, in knowing you are going against the cultural mores? Does it go back to childhood? And why do I respond to the intellectual curiosities of it all? The heights and the voices, the lows and the whispers.

What is it with the rush at obtaining the forbidden? A momentary high, sustained only by mystery, and always by change? Laws were made to be broken. Because we should live in a world where all is allowed unless expressly proscribed, not the current way round. My right to swing my fist ends at the start of your nose.

I got two phonecalls on Friday. Neither of which I was expecting, neither of which really should have gotten through to me. The first, someone old and known, came in to NewNewWork. This is odd. Because, firstly, I haven’t used NewNewWork’s name, secondly, well, I don’t use my real name here. Not that I hide either, but the former I don’t for obvious reasons. We all affect an attitude, and who wants to get caught explaining that it is time to put on make up, time to light the lights? So it is suprising when not only did someone find a trail here, but a trail to NewNewWork. I am glad they did, but they haven’t explained how. I am thinking there must be a mole somewhere. There will be money involved, too, I bet.

The second? That is another story. A story that involves others hiding, carping, lying, and generally being a child. Seriously, who wants to be with someone who is only their equal? That makes no sense. There will be no concessions. Not this time. It will end the way I predict. It always does. The gathering storm.

Jump in the river and learn to swim. It is the only choice.

[0]What would Woody say? I think he would say I give up funding terrorists!. No, this is not to be read (for those who get the Woody reference) that I am a fascist, as quite patently I am not. Subverting the language is a good thing. More on this soon. The fires have been lit. Ten to doomsday, moving fast, heads up! Mind the blast.

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