Two cars, a lorry, a coach, a van and another car. That is all the traffic I passed on my way to work this morning. What? says you, in that bustling and thriving metropolis on the edge of fenland? How so, dear sir? I realise that the private schools are off, but the State ones aren’t, yes so are the colleges, but really, I would expect more vehicular activity than that. Yes indeed I would.

Normally you would. But not at 3am of the morn.

Observing the traffic lights, as I was STOPPED AT THEM WITH NO OTHER TRAFFIC AROUND, I mused if Ms. A could tell me what happens to them when the rest of us should be asleep. I bet she could. Then I wondered why they are on at all. Cut our council tax bills! Switch traffic lights off between the hours of 2 and 6am!

I brought Amahlia with me this morning, in order to catch the sun rising over town, and get another panorama, but no, the fog foiled me. But as I had the tripod, I thought I would get a picture of something, keeping the shutter open a bit longer. And there was Shire Hall, with front lights on, trees against the fog. And, thinks I, great, that will make a nice moody shot. After setting up, focusing in, all the lights go off. Foiling my and my art. How I suffer for my art. You have no idea how I suffer. In a western European civilised-not-really-suffering sort of way. But in my way.

Nor have I even mentioned anything about that Trap programme, the choicest line that I remember from it being you can’t have true democracy without proper redistribution of wealth. Even typing that gets my blood pressure rising. It was a pernicious, devious, Statist-sleight-of-hand-collectivism-good-markets-bad polemic. Disinformation dressed up as proper documentary by the Biased BBC. No, wait, I have been up since 3am. I amn’t going to rant now. (And who is that I see with the first comment on the old Samizdata thread there?)

This rather dull picture is the view from my office window. It hasn’t improved since I took it. The picture, or the view.

Boring, boring, dreary picture

How very uninteresting

  1. I am curious… why on earth were you driving to work at 3am?

    Tue 27 Mar, 1:44PM

  2. Go PIMP the photo

    I reckon they should make the traffic lights BRIGHTER between the hours of 2am -6am, especially the lights in Norn Iron. I had a car written off by a cop (who last I saw was head of traffic in North Belfast) I was driving through GREEN lights on to the M3 (in Belfast) and he thought he’d drive his Merc through red lights into my Volvo. No major injuries to any of the parties involved but it put me off going on the dodgems for a couple of weeks.

    Tue 27 Mar, 5:01PM

  3. Aendr: Our code release window, so as not to disturb anyone, is 3.30am to 6.30 for critical services-must-stop stuff. Today was such a release.

    Cybez: See, in Norn Iron they know how to use traffic lights, and stop when they are red (mostly, your case the exception), but know not how to use roundabouts. Over here, it is the reverse. I see dozens of people go through red lights every single morning on my way to work. Except this morning.

    Stray Taoist
    Tue 27 Mar, 6:42PM

  4. I know and I feel like The Modern Lovers were totally wasted over there. Sigh. Such a perfect philosophical song, I quote it ALL the time.

    Tue 27 Mar, 8:55PM

  5. Vagabond device for making sliced bread burnt: Ah. We sometimes have Int’resting Weather at night and so have to stay late. Once we move, I’ll be staying laterer and getting home from work at around that time.

    Tue 27 Mar, 9:14PM

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