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Posted Tue 21 Aug
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Righty-ho, now I have a further response to my first response to my FoI request about the traffic lights down the Madingley Road

From: Reply Dude <>
To: me   
      Dude One <>,      
      Dude Two <>
Subject: RE: Request for information from me
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 08:19:31 +0100                                                                                                                
Since 2006, I am not aware that any changes have
been made to the traffic signals along
Madingley Road and I am not sure what you 
mean by the "starting phasing" as they cycle
round constantly. The traffic signals are vehicle 
activated, can have different preset maximum 
green times at different times of day but do not
have any specific timings for school term time.
I presume the traffic signals in question are the 
six installations (junction and crossings) from the
 Queens Road junction out to the junction of the 
M11 which is a Highways Agency site for which
we do not hold information. I do not believe there
are any traffic signals past the American Cemetery.
Some data is ready available but is in a form which
may not be readily understood by a non-traffic
signal trained person. I would suggest you contact
my colleague Dude Two on 01223 ------ to specifically
identify the information you require.

Due to me not having the prerequisite ladder-climbing certificate, I can’t understand the data. While a bit facetious, and I probably won’t understand the data, I have requested it anyway, and stuck another FoI up the backside of the Highways Agency.

And perhaps my original email wasn’t clear, so I have changed from ‘phasing’ to ‘weighting’. But, it seems, this dispels my original conspiracy theory. Or does it??!!onesoneseleventyhundredandeleven. Because they can have different preset maximum green times at different times of day. Which is, of course, only sensible. (The junction back at the Shelford Road/Trumpington High Street changes its weighting at 7.55, fact fans.)

So now I need to know about the weightings. And the maximum green times. And the minimum green times. And the algorithm they used to calculate these. Because I already have my own mathematical model designed in order to prove what those who have spent years researching and refining are loading the decks. Because one lone nut with a terminal can do that. Oh yes.

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