Away, foul thing!

Screengrab of the sucky Pixmania HML-only email. If you want to read it, view it in its original size.

Just imagine what that overly styled marked up page would look like in the raw. As that is what I get in my mail client. The picture was grabbed from Apple Mail. I mean, in this day and age, whose mail client can’t view full HTML? Mine, for one. No, I am not being a luddite, it just distresses me.

Screengrab of the mail you get if you respond to a mail from their customer care people. (And I actually dug through the HTML to find what they were trying to tell me. This is the first I have seen it as they imagined I would see it.)


Tech support, customer care, call centres. Why can’t they employ people who delight in what they do? And why does everyone look down on those who do such jobs? Why are there those who see them as stop-gaps? Perhaps it attracts the McJob people, but it shouldn’t be so. I remember when it wasn’t so. If they weren’t so filled with chavs and liberal arts student graduates, maybe it would be better. Actually, they don’t even need to delight in what they do, they just need to not require a good whacking with the clue stick. See that big jar? The one with the blue writing in crayon that says ‘Clue Jar’? Open it and take one on your way out.

  1. Yay! Soundslike (sic) they employ some kind of Secure Customer Activation Management system [use the acronym, Luke!]

    Remind me: what’s your opinion of Pixmania?

    Wed 24 Jan, 10:10AM

  2. Well now, I know I can be a delicate flower sometimes, and withold my viewpoints, so let me reiterate what I really think of Pixmania….

    No, scratch that. Raymod, you said you were going to mail me your Wii code. Please be with the doing so!

    (And yes, I used the acronym. Very clever.)

    Stray Taoist
    Wed 24 Jan, 10:54AM

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