A Farewell to ARMs*

Posted Wed 24 Jan
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Today was my last day working (offical last day is Friday, but there are plans afoot for then, and surely one of the most genius plans ever, but I say too much) for ARM, one of the highest of hi-tech companies in the world. I have had, over the past two and a bit years, had a ball. They brought me to Cambridge, let me work with some of the cleverest people out there, and it was a blast. I didn’t need to move on, but there seems to be something in me that pings after a few years at any one thing.

Will I miss it? Hell yeah. All the obvious jokes, the bridge, the pool, the tea, the rowdies. And the work as well, obviously. This will mean something to some, but in my last bridge hand in the Atrium I made three no-trumps. Ha!

As it was my last day, we went out for lunch as a group. And a good lunch it was, except for the fact they forgot mine. And gave it to another table. So I was eating when everyone else had done. Ah well.

I must say that the presents (yes, plural) they got me as a leaving gift were awesome. I mean, truly. The Complete Calvin and Hobbes and Rayman Raving Rabbids. Just how cool is that?

Then I came home, after committing my last change at 5.45pm. All done. Awaiting what will happen next in my life.

Upon opening up my mail, I had to laugh. Offering me something special, eh?

As is

And it snowed for the first time this year, as well.

It didn't last


  1. You ought to be bloody well hung for a pun like that title.

    Thu 25 Jan, 2:52PM

  2. It’s a good day for ends and beginings. I love snow.

    Thu 25 Jan, 3:12PM

  3. I read Endrew’s comment 3 times before I realised he meant hung in the Sadamn Hussein sense rather than the Peter North sense.

    Sat 27 Jan, 4:55PM

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