I woke up this morning to news of disasterous Governmental policy, and wondered if I was just being trolled by the BBC. Conniptions I was having, I tells ya, unadulterated conniptions. Then kittens.

Here was me going to concoct another paranoia rant, although perhaps after reading that offering from the biased BBC, many will now see me as not-as-paranoid-as-they-once-thought.

But then we went out. Kiting.


And when I came back, it hadn’t turned out to be some bad joke by some awful luvvy-leftie-journo-type at the beeb. It was still there.


If I had a happy place, I would go there. It certainly wouldn’t be somewhere that is being systematically destroyed by an overarching State.

But being out with your family, you can forget about all that. But only until I look at the news again.

All under control

  1. lol ‘and i wondered if i was being trolled by the bbc’ - that line is genius on so many levels, i don’t even know where to begin. excellent.

    Tue 23 Jan, 2:36PM

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