Busted! (I must say I am enjoying reading of Tony’s time out in the freewheeling capitalist heartland of the world. Jealous? Oh, just a little.) Though why that post ends up in the ‘food’ category, I have yet to ascertain. I could put some meaning on it, but that might just make things a bit less clear. And at all times I should strive for clarity here, shouldn’t I? What’s that, Skippy? Why break the habit of the last seven years worth of weblogging?

Moving on to something else Tony put to me. Here it is. In all its hideous glory.

Dear GOD who thought this was a good idea

I thought about a good anti-Statist rant. A fantastic expose of the hideous ideology of collectivism. A dissection of the pure wrongness of socialism. But even looking at that picture sends me into palpatations.

So instead I wonder about time again. But. Can’t. Stop. Seeing. That. Picture. People! Wake up!


We, being Cassandra, myself and my polymathic eldest, had to attend The Big School to have the first meeting of this academic year with aforementioned polymathic eldest’s form teacher. Far be it for me to brag, but he is way ahead. In everything. Seems his report was the best in his year. Now, if I can get him to make pots of cash, give me a goodly portion of it, I can sit in my chair and smoke my pipe at ease with the world and myself.

  1. Bit of a logical disconnect, there. Surely, given the imagery, you know that once your son makes pots of cash, it will all be confiscated. For the greater good, of course.

    Fri 12 Jan, 4:58PM

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