A disgrace. That is what it is. Since Christmas Eve, when it was first turned on, until midnight 12th Jan, we have clocked up a whopping 94 hours of Wii usage. I would love to blame the squawks, but considering Cassandra sits up to past midnight attempting to beat my scores on those games we used to sit up to past midnight playing well over a decade ago, I can’t.

Then there are the invasion of Miis we have. Alexander has a penchant for making them. I suspect breeding/hideous genetic experiments, but have no proof. There has also been an influx from wiispace, and it is funny how they really do actually look like who they are supposed to be. As for the trend I started, by making one called evil mwk (who is tall, thin and bald, natch) has continued, lil Lottie-A has taken it one further, and her alter-ego is called evil c-atm. Which made me laugh.

Sometimes I am given to looking backwards, at places, people, events I had forgotten. And trying to work out how I got there, what happened, and the like. This is made easier by having eight years worth of email archives hanging around, many Mbs of IRC text logs, jabber records and the like. No, it isn’t paranoia, I am just forgetful. It might make you paranoid, though, as I have everything you have ever mentioned to me (in electronic form). Fret not, as I seem to have said to someone else recently. It is only for my own memory trigger. I must admit that dismissing places, people and events (whenever they become irrelevant) is rather easy. But only if they need dismissing, and boy, do some places, people and events need dismissing.

I need inked again.

Usually I am such a well-timed person. It all fell apart (in a good way, mind, or an interesting one at least, but you can’t help but wonder) this week. Torturing myself? Oh, possibly. Life is possibilities, isn’t it? I can do whatever I put my mind to, you know. Self-belief returns. A bit.

It might suprise you, but I haven’t actually read through all of Herodotus. In the original Greek. Natch, reprise. I am making good progress through ‘Against The Day’, so I should plan what I need to read next. I fancy some more Modesty, but that goes without saying.

Aha, hidden meanings and all that. Those were they days, no?

  1. Wii so want one!!!
    Mind i have clocked up 20hours on fable in the week since i bought it, i even bunked off work on friday for it. a wii could spell the end of my working life.

    Mon 15 Jan, 6:50PM

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