If you have any musical taste, please, look away now.

Seven Nation Army, but I can top that, with You Shook Me All Night Long. (The first via Tony. Trying to cause heart failure in me, obviously.)

Apologies, one and all. So let us talk music, then. You can look again, as this is about GoodMusic. Or, rather, not bad music. There is a new record out by those emotionally-charged young fellows from Caneh?daland, Arcade Fire. (Or it will be out soon. No, I didn’t steal it. There are contacts and ways and means.) My thoughts? They went like this:

The disc is spun, track one starts.
Hmmm, this is an outtake from Funeral. Oh dear.
Track two passes without me even noticing. This isn’t going well. Half way through track three (the title track) now…
Ah, mumbling. Or to use the euphemism, emotionally charged. But better, as I am noticing it now.
Track four kicks in with huge organs.
Damn straight! This is better!

And from then on, it is rather good. Of course, I shall listen to it a few more times, and see what happens. Like if it sells bucketloads, and I can disown it with integrity. (Especially if it gets played widely abroad. although where I would hear it being played widely abroad, I know not. As I don’t listen to music radio, nor watch enough televisual entertainment.) Fickle follower of fashion? How could you even insinuate such a thing. I like lots of unfashionable music. Like, erm, well now, give me a moment to think here…

Catch the breeze

Catch the wind

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