Posted Wed 20 Jun
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Rebekah Higgs totally rocks. I love the genre. Shoegaze. Ah, those Catherine Wheels and Thousand Yard Stares. I recall the Slowdive gig being excellent, and again when they supported Ride. But Rebekah is my new obsession.

Cartoon intro overload. And part two. And part three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Just. Excellent. (This after a session watching the intros of The Fall Guy, Manimal, Automan, Space 1999, Buck Rodgers, Bionic Man, Wonderwoman and on and on and on. They don’t make title sequences like that anymore. Hello, and here are my breasts.)

The new White Stripes album is excellent. My new midi keyboard is excellent. It puts me in a quandary, though. Do I want to be Jack White (yes) or Edgar Froese (yes)?

Does all this excellence mean there isn’t any State-smashing going down? Oh no. Oh no no no. There is the chance of more recruits, through various subliminal messages that have been picked up here.

I haven’t been well recently. I had a great birthday. I can’t seem to get round to doing what needs to be done. I refer you to the title of this weblawg.

  1. Hey - for once I ‘got’ something you wrote! Yay!

    Wed 20 Jun, 9:32PM

  2. hey sweetp. sorry you aren’t feeling well. Haven’t heard the new white stripes yet but have always been a bit so so about them, grabbed my nme tho and mark hooked up my record player last night (we’ve been decorating so everything was in boxes) so shall have a listen. Failed my driving test b ut passed my second year of autocad. life is busy. hugs. A

    Thu 21 Jun, 11:27AM

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