…very few trying to buy it for a penny. Ha. I ordered it for NOTHING AT ALL. NOT A BEAN.

So here are my thoughts on that fanboy’s fave band, Radiohead. If you want to skip the rest, the summary is here, not at the end, although there will be a summation paragraph as well. We all need closure. The summary is: meh.

People. Quit with the telling me ‘The Bends’ is the bestestest record evah. It isn’t. Nor is ‘OK Computer’. They have their moments, but overall, as with most of Radiohead’s output, it is decidedly average. And that is when it isn’t awful. Like the more recent ones.

I guess it must just be me. I don’t get them. Obviously my tortured musical angst is different than the great unwashed who hail them the best group in the history of groups. (Yes, I avoided some bad album title joke in there, too.) Much like the Foo Fighters, none of their albums were built to last, and get consigned to the lower reaches (where I can’t reach) of my CD collection.

Of course, it could just be my normal reaction to that which everyone else likes, in that I am bound to hate it. But no. I do like throwaway popular music that the great unwashed like. So it isn’t really that, and besides, they weren’t as popular with the hornrimmed-glasses set back when I first came across them. In the 5-for-a-pound 12” bin in HMV, I think. I wasn’t overly impressed then (I didn’t hate it), and although I picked up the records, they were only ever alright.

But given the chance to try the new one first, I opted to steal it from them legitimately. You can order it for nothing. So I did. Then I can download it in work (much like phoning from work, that makes it FREE) and listen to it. I amn’t imagining it to be awful, just average. I may be suprised. I don’t mind that. I am willing, if it transpires, to say the new output is awesome. Dewdz. Going on prior art, I wouldn’t bet the house on it, although if I did bet the house on it you can guarantee I would say it was awesome, Dewdz, but whether I believed it or not would be a different matter, a different matter on which I kept my own counsel.

So, yeah. Radiohead. Meh.

  1. “Mehdiohead”.

    Wed 03 Oct, 11:47AM

  2. Nah, man. You want Radiodread. It’s wikkid, man!

    Raymond Lesley
    Wed 03 Oct, 4:51PM

  3. Raymond: I am, errr, in the process of being able to, um, evaluate said record. ‘Dub Side of the Moon’ was fine. Once. As was Luther Wright and the Wrongs bluegrass version of ‘The Wall’. Once.

    Stray Taoist
    Wed 03 Oct, 8:04PM

  4. well for once i agree totally with you on a music issue. Radiohead did a couple of songs i really like but that’s it, “meh” totally sums it up for me.

    Wed 03 Oct, 8:13PM

  5. Are we the great unwashed or the hornrimmed glasses set. Or both?

    And besides, the reason they weren’t so popular at the beginning is that the first album is pretty mediocre.

    Wed 03 Oct, 9:41PM

  6. Oh my! I directly worked on helping setup the webserver and FCGI for radiohead.com (yes, really) - I’m surprised it fell over!

    Christopher Buckley
    Thu 04 Oct, 4:40AM

  7. Adele: Gosh and crikey!

    Dan: I reckon we are both. Although I still contest that all their output is (on balance) mediocre. The truly bad being balanced by the sublime.

    Chris: Dear goodness, it fell over? Isn’t that impossible?

    Stray Taoist
    Thu 04 Oct, 7:36AM

  8. So, it’s just me thinks they were/are universally shite then?

    Fri 05 Oct, 4:35PM

  9. Oi! why’m I still moderated. Gah! mutter mutter

    Fri 05 Oct, 4:37PM

  10. I have no opinion, I just wanted to see the comment total thing go to 10.

    Fri 05 Oct, 11:55PM

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