So far, this year has been rather poor for the old musical releases. And the new ones, too. Ba-da-boom!

Bright Eyes have been making the same record (with essentially the same song twelve times) for years. Leaving aside his cod socialism, back in the day when it wasn’t over-produced, there were some fine ditties. The new one, Cassalorette or whatever it is called, sucks. Mr Oberst really can’t get away with the fey skinny indie boy with perfect acoustic playing anymore. Or that same vocal affectation. Or he could, and I would laud him with, erm, lauds, if he branched out a bit. Or, as I said at the start of this paragraph, didn’t make records that are just the same song over and over and over again.

The Kings of Leon. Now their first album blew chunks all over the place. Truly dire. So why on earth did I buy the follow up? No idea, but it surely ruled. So much so Caitlin sang it to me not the other day. Their newly released third (in case you weren’t paying attention and can’t count to two) also is rather great. Better than ‘Aha Achy Breaky Heartachy’? Possibly. I can’t tell you that yet. It would be a snap judgement. I may be able to tell an album’s quality from one listen, but not if it matures to be so much more.

They Might Be Giants have a new album coming out next month. It has been leaked onto the interweb. Of course I will buy it when it comes out, but until then, well, who knows? Far be it for me to say whether I have it or not, whether it is good or not, whether it is more John Henry than The Spine or not. No, far, far, far from it. So far from it is has come round the other side. That is how far from it it would be for me to say.

Oh, I got more music, but find myself comforting in just a few. The arms of Mlle. Breut. The soundscapes of blahblahblah yakyakyak.

See? Nothing controversial in this post. Unless you take exception to my musical musings. And I care as much as that as I do for you telling me socialism isn’t some brane disease.

  1. my recent music releases were “The Authentics - blondes make the best vistims” adequate rock by a local band. Enjoyable and “The Wildhearts” new self titled album. Being a fan for what’13/14 years the only thing of there’s i didn’t like was Endless Nameless and i’m looking forward to listening to the new one.
    I liked the Kings of Leon so will probably check out the new album.

    Thu 10 May, 9:52AM

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