The singer quest can now be halted! Shout it (but not sing it, leave that to her) from the rooftops! Hurrahs all round! The two plus points are she is a she (and we wanted a she to sing for us, though we were steeling ourselves to the possibility of the she not being a she, but the he type of she that isn’t a she) and that she can sing. Purportedly.

There are minus points, though. (And I got this from her LJ profile, so perhaps that makes three minus points…) Firstly is the Scotchness. I guess that is alright. Sort of. I can say that the people are alright, just that I think the place is pointless. But let me not get into that again right now. The second is her liberal left-leaning bias. Not only that, but a self-confessed liberal left-leaning bias at that. What else from a graduate of the Classics dept at Cambridge. tsk.

So hopefully we can lay down a full mp3 this weekend. And get some new band pictures done. *cough* Photography, eh?

Hopefully our quest is at an end. Which means we need a new quest. What’s that? Talent you say?

Strapped up

  1. Oh, hurrah, this is where you’ve gone.

    Thu 23 Nov, 10:57PM

  2. excellent!!!

    Fri 24 Nov, 4:36PM

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