Too many people crowded into the UK, you say? Well, let us consider that for a moment. What is the population? Just over 60 million, it seems. What is the land mass? 244,820 square kilometres, apparently. Rounding up, that gives 245 people/square kilometre. Yes, I know, evenly distributed, and it isn’t all habitable. I mean, a third of Great Britain is Scotchland, ferheaven’s sake, and no one wants to live there. But the country is not overpopulated. Nosireebob.

Why is every Rilo Kiley song about sex, eh? Not that I am complaining, they are a pleasant enough popular beat combo, and Jenny is particularly hawt. But she (if she writes the lyrics, which she may do, I haven’t checked, but they don’t sound particularly male-writing-as-female-fantasy) certainly is obsessed. Her solo choonsmithery is the same. When they remove themselves from pleasant they rule. When they don’t, they still rule, but in a nice, safe non-acceptable-to-indie-elists way.

Everyone wants to live in the south east. Whyso? Because that is where the money is. The average wage in South Cambs (where I live) is 47k/yr. Cambridge-Town comes in a bit lower at 35k/yr. (I think the UK average is 26k/yr, but that is just a guess by dredging up what might be erroneous information from my head.) This is one rich area. Little wonder I can’t afford anything.

Then again, which song isn’t about sex? I am enjoying the new Lavender Diamond LP, as much as I enjoyed their first EP. None of which, happily, appear on the record. Their songs are all about peace and love. So, sex again then. But their songs are drippy-hippy pleasant. Which, when the sun is shining, is groovy.

Where was I? I forgot the point that I was making. I said if I were smart I would save up for a piece of string and a rock to wind the string around.

Lastly, from an IRC channel, far, far away:

<@GingStep> GetsIdeasStolen: im thinkin lunch,
  wagamamas 1pm - you about for it?
<@GetsIdeasStolen> GingStep: can't,
  we're going gokarting
<@GetsIdeasStolen> i hate startups

This made me laugh.

  1. If you look at the figures in more detail, you’ll seet that England has 383 people/Km2, and that Northern Ireland has 125. The United States as a whole has 30. Even China, with its 1,321,851,888 people and 9,596,960 Km2 has only 138 people per Km^2.

    Our country is not over populated, perhaps, but more densely populated than some. So there.

    Raymond Lesley
    Thu 06 Sep, 11:30AM

  2. Aha, but being more densely populated isn’t really an argument. It is just a comparison. (In the same way that they say x% of children live in poverty. They don’t. They live in comparative poverty. Where they define poverty as people living on less than some percentage of the national average wage. So poverty here is way better than poverty in (say) West Africa. Grrr.)

    My point is the whingers in the South East who complain about pressures on infrastructure, and extrapolate that the country is full, are deluded. The country isn’t full. Nor, to be fair, is it even densely populated. We have loads of space. Loads!

    Stray Taoist
    Thu 06 Sep, 11:47AM

  3. That was kinda my point - that it was all relative.

    Oh, and I’ll see your Lego Spongebob and raise you

    Raymond Lesley
    Thu 06 Sep, 8:40PM

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