OK, so Cassandra did the If you hate it so much why do you live here line last night. Those who know me, know that I don’t hate it here. We live in a fine area, the schools, despite what I say, round this way are indeed good. (Whether they could be better isn’t debatable. They could be.) The weather is great (still a bit too hot for me at its height, but that is just me), no floods here. Barely any rain. It is just the Statists meddling in every aspect of my life.

Not what this post was to be about, though. I am going to try and start doing different styles of entries again. But not just yet. For now, I am going to finish this, stick on my headphones, put my head down and grind through a lot of work that needs my attention. So here we go:

1. tuh

Now, yes, it is probably hypocritical, as no doubt I do the same, but I am starting to loathe that no one uses the word to anymore. (I am forcing myself to consider my speech patterns, but that is for a different, not explained here, reason.) Where ya goin’ tuh? or As I said tuh her the other day…. It is rife. Desist.

2. Charidee

I think people forget what that means. Not that I am going to tell you here. This part is brought to you by our rip-off vending machine (which was selling ‘not for individual resale’ bars at full price. Yes, I complained). Y’see, one of the reasons I was told that we pay full whack was that some of the money goes to charidee. Which one? Why? I have no say in it. It could be going to the ‘Make Trade Unions Stronger’ lot, or the ‘Authoritarians Telling You To Live Your Life As They Say’ green lot. Neither of which I would willing give money tuh. My suggestion was to have a few rows of bars that are cheaper. Taking off the money that would go to the charity. And see which ones sell. Sure, stick a collection tin beside the machine. Then we have charity. Where people give because they want to give. And the same with those (now all cancelled, or something) phone-ins. I don’t want to give ten pence to charity. Can I have a different phone line, kthnxbai. (Well, this one wouldn’t do me any use, as I don’t use them, but you get the idea.)

In the time it has taken me to create this post, oh, seven minutes or so, I have chomped through an entire packet of Tic-Tacs.

And who would have thought, but an official artist’s site that lists illegal copies from around the world. I like Silje, and I am glad to see she has aged rather well, too. update Erp. This is actually her official site.

  1. I wonder about some Charidees who to me seem to have been created to employ charidee workers as opposed to being created for charidee work. Just something I keep noticing over on this side of the Oirish C.

    Thu 02 Aug, 11:06PM

  2. i am inclined to wonder how it canbe classed at charitable if it is taken like a tax.

    Sat 04 Aug, 9:05AM

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