Not the post about hypercompetitiveness. No, that one is still to come. Bear with me here.

This one is, after a fashion, a rant. One that will avoid all male/female lame comedian humour, for, in honour of Milk and Cheese, all stand-ups must die.

Given the range of people around and about in any given office, and the nationalities if said office is in Cambridge-Town, the temperature at which said inhabitants would be comfortable varies. From the ‘Merkan desert, to the African plains, from the western edge of Europe to the home counties, we all like the aircon to be set to different values.

So there has to be compromise. OR DOES THERE? I think not. Whyso, you say, me being a veritable beacon of reasonableness and sanity. Well, gentle reader, it goes like this:

People are cold. They turn the aircon stat up to something above sixteenoC. I have seen it even set to in the 20s. I know, I know, what is with that? But I don’t wish to put any value judgement on this myself. Yet. So now these people are toasty, but those who can’t take such heat are getting uncomfortable. It makes it hard to work, hard to concentrate and downright unpleasant. It is now hard for these people to cool down, as without the luxury of a neekid-only office, the only way is to open the window, letting in noise and wind. While the wind has the desired cooling effect, it also rearranges the paper on desks. Which leads to the conclusion that turning the stat up isn’t the best idea.

People are cold. They leave the aircon stat where it is, and put on a jumper, or a cardy, or a binliner for all I care. But the stat stays where it is. So now these people are warm(er), due to the extra layers, and those of us who need things cooler are also happy. Which leads to the conclusion that turning the stat up isn’t the best idea.

Look at it with Cold Hard Facts. It is easier for cold people to heat up in a cold office than it is for hot people to cool down in a warm office. It isn’t rocket science. (It is thermodynamics, but I digress.)

See, I could have pitched this as a …isn’t it funny how men….isn’t it funny how wimmin… comedy schtick. But then I would have to kill myself and my right-on comedy career would, happily, end there.

But seriously folks, don’t you hate it when you walk into Starbucks, and the waitress is all bang bang thud

  1. Weel said that man. I have this tube who sits near me. He likes to set the air con to 25 degrees! WTF!!?? it might as well not be on. In fact it would be healthier all round if it wasn’t on.

    Wed 31 Oct, 1:25PM

  2. Don’t get me started on office temparature fights.

    Oh, alright then. I do have a story: many years ago, I worked for a company which had just installed an expensive computer-controlled heating system. We were too bloody cold by half and had complained to this effect. To no effect, as it happened. So we cheated, using freezer spray into the temperature sensor. Unfortunately, we chose to do this when a b,loke from the installer was checking why it wasn’t controlling properly. He wasn’t best pleased to see we’d made our office show as -20 degrees. How we laughed …

    And, FWIW, I make it a policy to never walk into Starbucks. Waitress or no waitress.

    Raymond Lesley
    Wed 31 Oct, 6:03PM

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