I haven’t posted much paranoia online recently. I have been in several (erm, more than several) discussions in The Real World about such things, though. I don’t understand why people think me a raving nutjob over this stuff, it is Very Important. Again I say, wake up, people, quit the sleepwalking into an even worse Statist state than the disasterous one we have right now. In that vein, I give to you:

Sigmascan and Deltascan.

(Predictably, the only four-star impact entries are about Global Warming(tm) and that other great con, ID cards. Two tenets of the misguided religion of the Left. Unquestioned by great swathes of the populus.)

If you have nothing to hide, why worry?
What sort of sad bastard has nothing to hide, eh?

The State is not your friend. (Although, The State, with its massive and comfy double seats was my friend. Sadly, it burnt down after I left all those years ago. (There was no connection.))

One last thing. Another one I truly believe. There are no such things as Human Rights. Or perhaps There is no such thing as Human Rights. Either way, you get what I mean.

Not even a semi-rant, merely posted to save it being in draft for ever. My thoughts are elsewhere, always elsewhere.

  1. I remembering watching Jacob’s Ladder in the State.I wonder why they named that cinema the State, I doubt if ‘Look at the state of that’ inspired the name.The building looks like it would attract FBI agent look-alikes,what did you wear when you frequented that place? I can honestly admit to never wearing an ‘old mac’ to any cinema yet, but with a New Year approaching? :-)

    Thu 28 Dec, 1:03PM

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