Top Gear pipes anger anti-smokers.

Now. Listen up. I cannot convey the amount I despise the Anti-smoking campaigners [who] have asked the BBC to apologise. I could bold FFS, which might go some way. But it doesn’t. I wouldn’t even have admitted that it was herbal tobacco, and let the do-good brigade choke on their own moral self-righteousness.

No one in the audience complained. Most of the (viewing) audience laughed. The usual whinging complainers complained. The usual left-wing campaigning-for-our-own benefit losers complained. Those who voted (and vote) for conviction politicians, those politicians they think will think of the children, and do the something that must be done. Never trust a conviction politician. Their views can be swayed by whatever blows in the wind. At least self-interest politicians are just out for what they can get for themselves, and tend not to pass laws like we have got in the past ten years. All for our own benefit, it would seem.

This really is a dead culture now. Times change, and the dumbing-down project introduced by this odious administration continues.

And now I shall calm down with some Scrabble and Lucinda Williams. Whom I see is playing in That London in November. I like her, but enough to overcome my hatred of that place?

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