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Posted Sun 05 Aug
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Three conversations. Guess which ones I was involved in. (For sake of brevity, I paraphrase.)

them: Hahahahahah. Dumbo Merkans. How can they be so stoopid? Losing 190, 000 weapons.
someone: sigh Did they bury them in the sand? Or give them over to the Iraqis?
them: They still lost count of them…
someone: Would you rather these dumb and stupid Merkans patrolled the country?
them: No! They should get out of there!
someone: Right. But without first helping the police? So, oil for guns then?
them: No! Their oil is their own! That was what started all this!
someone: <snipped to stop this post ranting. Too much.>

…and then…

them: Nice car
someone: Yeah, she is, isn’t she? Great fun to drive. I could take you out for a spin if you wanted.
someone: God, I bet that sounded sleazy
them: …
someone: Ack, did I say that out loud?

Actually, the thrust of the third is the same as the first, although within a different sphere of influence. So I leave that one out.

Boy, do I ever hate the sneering, snivelling classes. The Guardianistas in their tofu sandals looking down their noses at the rest of the world. Much as I disagree with a lot that the current US administration is up to, whenever I hear the smug western Europeans bleating on about how much more, how morally superior, how better they are than those poor dupes in the US who only voted for Bush because he played the religious card (I hope their elected representitives didn’t try and appeal to them, or indeed whatever mass audience would get them elected), I have to align myself in that way. I despise this attitude. You know, the types who know better than those living there. You know, the types who will tut and forget that they are part of an insignificant nation whose masters are hellbent on regulating their very existence.

Apparently, part of my problem is that I don’t understand American politics. Well, duh. But I am willing to concede that I don’t have the vote there, so will leave them up to decide on their own leaders. I won’t patronise them by saying I know more about them than they should, so they should hark to what I say. Their country. Oh woe! But they also rule ours via a poodle administration here. sigh Trying to tell me that our government is bad is a waste of time. I would say it is worse than that. Downright evil. And because they think they do it for our own good, that makes it worse.

Liberals. They have even corrupted the meaning of the word. Bureaucrats, clipboard-wielding nannies. Sleight-of-thinking straw-man arguing[0] dogmatic scum. Waste of space the lot of them.

Angry? Me? You betcha. It means I care. It means I am thinking about things. It means I am not just a passive consumer bending to the will of the collectivist network.

No propaganda. No I say. And more people need to say it. And say it loud. They took our liberties. They took our language. They continue to take our cash, our future, our identities, our lives. And what do we get in return? Nothing. And every time they start to meddle, they take more. Everytime some talking head politico says something needs to be done be afraid. It means we pay for it, for little return. If any return.

Broken record?[1] Perhaps. But if I stop, it is one less voice against their juggernaut. Not that I class myself as a champion of the downtrodden. Far from it. But one less voice is always that. One less voice. I don’t want to save you. Some of you believe in this direction, the mouthings from our leaders. No amount of quotes will persuade you otherwise.

The people get the government they deserve. May God help us all.

(For my next post, I amn’t going to rant. Honest.)

[0]For example, consider the reposte ‘You are nothing but a Daily Mail reading scumbag!’. I can only roll my eyes so much before responding to such tirades becomes a chore. I had forgotten that the final shots of the Left are to accuse their opposition of being rightwing nutjobs. I am a libertarian, not a conservative. Do not try to graft what you consider my opinions to be on to your view of me. Or do. I don’t care. You are part of the problem.
[1]And to think that in Real Life ™ I am such a pussycat, too. No, srsly. Ya rly! Being down on the allotment, like I am most evenings this weather, calms me down. Coming back and reading (books and on the intertubes) reminds me that the world is wrong. Something shifted somewhere, something went wrong. I should stop now, though.

  1. and you snipped the rant out?
    tofu sandals would be extremely squishy.

    Wed 08 Aug, 5:20PM

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